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Mailing Address :
PO Box 3553
Baltimore, MD 21214

410-665-8820 phone / fax

Ocean City:
410-524-5900 voice mail
Info@FiveStones.com (quicker)

Who is FiveStones?

FiveStones Design Factory specializes in creating custom websites and graphic design. FiveStones consults on internet website manufacturing and hosting as well as all aspects of advertising, print, marketing and promotional material design. FiveStones builds premier websites and graphics according to clients' needs and specifications. Custom logos, brochures, illustrations, or whatever your company may need for professional collateral.
See samples of FS websites. 
See samples of graphic design work.
See List of Services.

FiveStones Communications provides professional sign language interpreting, instruction and consulting.
See list of ASL-related services.

The Partners:

Contact Norm Myers
Creative Director
Website and Graphic Designer 

As the image creation side of the partnership, Norm has over 2 decades of experience in award-winning graphic design, publishing and promotional and marketing material production. As art director and designer he has created and managed the production of websites, logos, corporate images, brochures, magazines, newsletters, presentations, illustration, renderings, digital photo manipulation, books, package design, and more. 

Samples of Norm's graphic design work.

Contact Ann Myers
Communications Services - Certified Sign Language Interpreter

Ann has been providing sign language interpreting for many agencies, colleges, hospitals and non-profit organizations for over 20 years. She has interpreted in numerous situations and for a variety of clients in the Baltimore, Washington and Maryland Eastern Shore areas.

See list of Ann's ASL-related services.

List of Services
FiveStones provides full-service design, illustration, advertising and marketing. These include:

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Project Management
Graphic Design

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Graphic Design and Print
- Logos / Branding
- Corporate Papers / Letterheads / Business Cards
- Brochures
- Posters
- Mailers / Post Cards
- Music and Multi-Media Packaging
- Display
- Courtroom / Litigation Graphis
- Presentations
- Print Management

- Branding
- Marketing Plans
- Direct Mail
- Tradeshow and Display
- Specialty Promotions
- Sales and Marketing Presentations
- Cross-Media Promotion
- Contest Development and Management
- Contingency or Emergency Communications

- Color Ads
- Black and White Ads
- Internet Banner Ads
- Display Ads
- Specialty Ads

- Book Covers
- Book Interiors
- Newsletters
- Magazines

Illustration (Conventional and Digital)
- Technical
- Editorial
- Cartoons
- Science
- Conventional
- Digital Photo Rendering
- Architectural Rendering

Internet and Interactive
- Website Design and Development
- Planning
- Domain Management
- Hosting, Server and E-mail Setup
- Audio / Video
- E-commerce
- Intranet
- Cross Promotions
- Content Management
- Database
- Security

Business and Product Development
- Company or Division Naming
- P
roduct Design
- Package Design
- Product or Service Rollout

- Products
- Landscapes
- Editorial and Magazine
- Digital Retouching
- PhotShop Effects
- Photo Research

Communication Services
- Sign Language Interpreting / ASL
- ASL Instruction / Training /
- Copywriting
- Editing
- Proposal Writing
- Presentations
- Content Management

Consulting, Private Instruction and Training available for many of our services.

Why the Name - FiveStones Design Factory? 
When FiveStones began, there were over 10,000 .com names being registered daily, it was difficult to find one that would meet our needs. The goal was to have a simple name that people could remember and easily give out the website address over the phone. 

The ability of the internet to allow for a level playing field in which businesses of all sizes can compete, the story of David and Goliath came to mind. The small taking on the giants. In that account, David went to the brook and chose five smooth stones to do battle. The internet is a battlefield engaging the giants of the business world today. You need FiveStones to go up against the challengers. 

It is called a Factory because, brother, this is real work!

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